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How It Works

Your World View Just Happened - A Better One Can Be Engineered

We all see the world in our own unique way. What has happened to us in our lives and our reactions to it, has shaped our world view over the years. We presume others see things the way we do but they see things the way they do. Heroic Hypnosis operates on your world view, removing the broken parts and replacing them with pieces that are more sophisticated and functional. Fantastic elements in the new story makes changes quickly.

Step 1 - Discovery

The first step is mapping and assembling the inner landscape you have now. Then the new narrative is composed and checked for fit. It will be a compact and elegant explanation, with beautiful and fantastic elements. While in trance you experience the new definition and it replaces your old unproductive habits with new desirable ones. Once the new framework has been established, details of your life will stick to it and it will grow with you.

Step 2 - Induction

The framework for an improved world view is presented while under hypnosis. You will travel to a mythical place and experience amazing adventures, creatures and events. This will become the basis for your new way of looking at the world.

Step 3 - Incorporation

In order to work the new world view has to become dominant. When the core story is metaphorically correct, all the other details of your life will find their place in your new mythical landscape. Learning how to attach the rest of your life onto your new story makes it work.

Stream in the Forest




Ideasthesia makes it possible

How do we come up with accurate metaphors and allegorical stories with fantastic elements? Our founder Dave Boyle has ideasthesia, a perceptual condition that causes ideas and relationships to appear as 3 dimensional landscapes and dramas. He draws on a rich set of mythical states that he's been building his entire life. 

An Example Journey

A Real Case - Identifying details have been changed and omitted

The son of a long wealthy family became engaged and his marriage plans were published. This was noticed by his first girlfriend, who grew up poor, and she began to harass and threaten him with public disclosures. Various family members became upset and he came under pressure to fix it. After an in depth interview, I led him into trance and walked him through this story.

Free From the Past

You're in a hot, thick forest and the going is difficult. A sandy bottomed stream appears where the walking is easier. The water feels great on your feet. Ahead lies a small waterfall filling a shallow pool, it's beautiful and you move closer.

Rising out of the water in front of you is your ex-girlfriend, her arm extended and pointing her finger of shame. You try walking past on her left but she slides over and blocks you. You walk past on the right but she slides and blocks that way too.

You look at her closely. She's flat, and stiff, not a real person but a poster printed on plywood. It's planted at 90 degrees to the flow of the stream, the water swirls around the base making whirlpools on each side. You step closer and grab the solid plywood with both hands.

You push and pull to rotate her, it's hard at first and then gets harder. Slowly you make progress rotating her till she's parallel to the flow. It gets easier, the whirlpools disappear, then the wooden cut out locks into place. The ground is rocked by two seismic shakes and the waterfall stops. An alcove cut into the rock appears. Inside kneels a young girl, her back to you, she's crying.

You walk through the pond, fighting the water that slows you down, then lift yourself up into the alcove. Reaching out to her, you rub her back and shoulders and speak kind and encouraging words. She stops crying and turns to look at you. It's your ex-girlfriend when she was a little girl.

The stone wall of the alcove fades away and a meadow of wild flowers on rolling hills appears. The girl laughs, jumps up, and dances away into the distance. As she disappears from view, the stone wall of the alcove reappears, and the waterfall starts up again.

But now the water falls upwards. Bravely you step into the upward flow, working hard to balance your feet. The water lifts you up higher, and higher, until you're at the top of the mountain. The view from here is spectacular. You can see for miles around.


The lush forest is bountiful, but it still takes some work to get around. The stream leads to a beautiful spot and you want to go there.

The ex-girlfriend appears and seems to be inescapable. Her finger of shame makes you uncomfortable.

But it's not actually her, just a flat representation. The whirlpools are the repetitive and turbulent thoughts that the client wants to be rid of. Thoughts and emotions are caught in a loop.

Rotating the plywood poster means changing your attitude about her. The whirlpools of obsessive thought fade until gone. A young girl appears, and you want to help her.

Getting to the girl requires effort. The water holds you back then you have to pull yourself up onto the ledge. But it's worth it to help out the weeping young girl. She's not adversarial like her grown up version.

Being kind to her has set her free. She goes off about her life with joy. The stubborn realities of your life return.

This time it's different. It takes some effort, but doing the right thing has lifted you up, giving you a wide and wonderful view of the world.


The Outcome

It was very difficult but the client reached out to his ex and made friends again. He gave her and her young daughter (not his) some one time financial assistance. He felt great about it and his friends and family were happy with the outcome. At every step he drew guidance from the story and acted sensibly instead of from emotional reflex.


What is it good for?

Here is a partial list of the issues that hypnosis can address!

stress fear grief anger
frustration disappointment languishing focus
nervous pessimism trauma energy
ennui life purpose direction drive
creativity inspiration innovation story telling
mindfulness calmness strategy decisiveness
depression weakness imposter syndrome defusing


Who's Behind All of This?

Heroic Journey is the creation of Dave Boyle, who has been trained in hypnosis and past life regression. Before that he designed science museum exhibits, did furniture making and fine woodwork, designed and built sets and props for film and tv, designed and built custom electronics, wrote software for corporations and built web sites - including this one. He built his own music synthesizer and large tesla coil! He's an expert on creativity, innovation and problem solving. Currently he is writing a book of fables and a how-to book on being witty.

Dave has always had synesthesia, a mental condition where the senses cross over and information in one sense appears as another. So he sees music as animated colors and shapes, and feels textures from tasting flavors. He also has a very rare condition called ideasthesia where ideas and relationships appear as 3 dimensional landscapes and sculptures. This is why Dave is able to design mythical landscapes, dramas and experiences to help people with their issues.

"Dave's creativity runs at a constant 110% without even breaking a sweat." S. Luscombe

"I have never known Dave to be anything but an imaginative and articulate package of entertainment." T. Fines

"Dave can not only sing but is a talented writer with an affinity for science fiction. He’s a lovely man and all-round great guy." A. Wright-Howard

"He has a purposefully disheveled charm. His imagination is wild." A. Mansur

Dave Boyle Hypnotist

"Here's one thing to know about Dave, he'll outwrite you and outwit you on a slow day!" S. Deogun

"Dave Boyle is a funny, charismatic guy who brings great joy to the members of our writing group." B. D'Souza

"I've known Dave to be a reliable and thoughtful man, who can resourcefully tailor a solution to even the most unique scenarios." Kay S.

"Dave is curious about wide variety of subjects and an innovative thinker." I. Kis